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You hear a whole lot of minor and major pentatonic lines in the blues. You a€™ll hear those pentatonic lines spiced up with a flatted fifth or a little chromaticism and it sounds great, and that’s how we all learn to play the blues. Then all of a sudden a player comes along and cranks up the spice with lines crafted from altered or diminished scales and your ears perk immediately to attention. What was that?! How do you do that?!

The concept lessons include: The Diminished Scale, Altered Scales, Minor Third Devices, Wrap Your Ear Around It, A Statement In Itself, Four V to I Chord Lines, The Altered Five & Home, I to IV Diminished Lines, Finding Wilder Voicings, Incorporating Open Strings, Melodic Minor Magic Licks & Lines, Sahara Moon Chords, and Mixing Scales & Sounds

Robben also guides you through 8 soloing performance studies, which draw on the diminished lines concepts, techniques, and creative approaches that he uses in his own improvisations: Blues Shufflin’ in A, Straight Up Blues in A, Slow G Shuffle: 1, Slow G Shuffle: 2, Uptempo C Swingin’ Shuffle, Latin E Groove, Minor Blues in A, and Sahara Moon Changes.

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