An important and essential component of Robben’s career is his commitment to teaching and passing on what he’s learned over the past 40 years to current and future musicians. His instructional videos and clinics over this time have culminated in a collaboration with TrueFire and the birth of the Robben Ford Guitar Dojo. The wealth of his expertise and creativity is generously presented in these state-of-the-art productions, and will be, for years to come.

Robben’s Guitar Dojo

The mission of the Dojo is to provide a place to practice and learn, both in a technical way and in a potentially deeper way, by addressing matters of spirit–the basic joy you might find in developing your musical creativity. You will find a broad spectrum of tools in the micro lesson downloads, from scales and tips on soloing to my approach to rhythm guitar. Of course the focus will always be on making music, which is the ultimate goal! Check it out



I’m excited to offer this expanded teaching platform and am confident you will find resources of personal value, both accessible and affordable, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player.   – Robben

Educational Products

Robben has a suite of educational video software products served across a variety of formats for computer and mobile devices. Check out his products here


Robben enjoys a live educational format and from time to time does educational workshops and clinics. Learn more here

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