About Robben’s Band


band-brianBRIAN ALLEN, bass

Hailing from Columbus, Indiana, Brian started playing the bass at age eleven. His playing won him several awards throughout high school, including the prestigious Louis Armstrong Jazz award. After graduating, he moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute. There he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Music and also won the outstanding student of the year.

Since graduating, Brian has performed a diverse range of live shows as well as recording sessions. His playing spans the musical spectrum from jazz to rock and everything in between. Brian plays all types of basses, from a standard four string to a six string fretted and fretless. He also plays upright bass and cello.




band-wesWES LITTLE, drums

On a momentous night during the Winter of 2009, drummer Wes Little proved beyond all doubt that he’s the nimble, adaptable, professional musician he wanted to be even prior to leaving his little Southern home town. The event: the inaugural ball for newly chosen President Barack Obama. The job: to back a jaw-dropping lineup of legendary talent, including Sting, Stevie Wonder, Faith Hill, Mary J. Blige, and Beyonce.  Through a wild variety of temperaments, arrangements, and styles, Wes Little held down the groove, pleased the most challenging stars and made the whole event bolder, smoother and better.

Star-studded as it was, the inaugural ball was not by any means the first validation of Little’s multi-faceted musicianship. For a decade in New York and in recent years in Nashville, Little has been calmly taking his place as one of the elite session drummers, supporting major artists in rock, jazz, hip-hop and country.


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