Jing Chi - Vinnie Colaiuta, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip

Robben Ford: Jing Chi
  1. The Hong Kong Incident
  2. Stan Key
  3. Tengoku
  4. Crazy House
  5. Going Nowhere
  6. Go Figure
  7. Man in the Ring
  8. In My Dream
  9. Train Song
  10. Aurora
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“According to ancient Chinese herbalism there are three basic energies known as the The Three Treasurers or “Jing Chi”. When the basic energies are used in abundance they generate a feeling of well being. The title choosen for this CD seems all too appropriate. Here, Colaiuta, Ford and Haslip combine their energies and produce one of the finest releases this year. The CD can best be described as fusion, although regular jazz fans and guitarist should also find plenty to like about the disc. The CD opens with the rhythmic “Up the Line” which could easily be mistaken for a track off Eric Johnson’s Alien Love Child project and rarely slows down the tempo. There are only two vocal tracks here, the first “Going Nowhere” features Robben Ford on vocals and the second, “In My Dream” features the vocals of bass and keyboardist, Jimmy Haslip. As you might expect, Robben Ford plays his telecaster like a man possessed while Vinnie Colaiuta’s drums and Jimmy Haslip’s bass fill the background air like a sonic boom. This is great stuff!”Amazon review by deepbluereview.

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