Robben Ford: Supernatural
  1. Let Me In
  2. Supernatural
  3. Nothing to Nobody
  4. Water for the Wicked
  5. Don't Lose Your Faith in Me
  6. Hey Brother
  7. Deaf, Dumb, and Blind (For O.T.)
  8. If
  9. When I Cry Today
  10. You got me Knockin'
  11. Lovin' Cup
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Produced by Tommy LiPuma

“When an artist records one type of music exclusively for years, it’s always amusing to hear the artist’s manager, record company or publicist claim that he/she defies categorization.’The fact is that when an artist spends his or her entire career recording a specific style of music, categorization comes easy — and it’s silly and dishonest to claim otherwise. But if any artist really does defy categorization, it’s Robben Ford.” AllMusic, reviewed by Alex Henderson

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