The Charles Ford Band - Robben Ford, Patrick Ford, Marc Ford, Stanley Poplin

  1. Blue and Lonesome
  2. Gibson Creek Shuffle
  3. My Time After Awhile
  4. Rest My Mind on Jesus
  5. Black Night
  6. Wild Woman
  7. I Know What You're Putting Down
  8. Live the Life I Love
  9. Tell Him I Was Flyin'
  10. The Promise
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Robben : guitar, piano,vocals and sax 

Marc Ford :harmonica

Patrick Ford: drums

Stanley Poplin: bass

People just surfing into this site might not realize that this is THE Robben Ford of LA studio/jazz fame, along with his brother Mark on blues harp from way back in the late 60s or early 70s. …I’ve had this album on vinyl since way back then and it has been one of the very few albums that I will loan to NOBODY, not even my brother! Robben’s blues roots are right up front and center, killer blues guitar on every cut. And brother Mark tears it up on harp, amazing because these guys were just kids when this album was recorded. If this ain’t considered a classic, it oughta be! If you enjoy raw, rough and rowdy blues, this is it.” Amazon review by S. Gorman

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